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[Noahark Fragment]How to choose a Chinese tyre brand

According to the statistics of China Rubber Industry Association, there are about 500 tyre enterprises in China, among which there are about 300 enterprises accredited by CCC products (including foreign funded enterprises), Industrial, Agricultural, Construction machinery vehicle tyres and other tyre products have not yet been included in the CCC certification. There are about 108 radial tyre manufacturers in China, including 22 State-owned enterprises, 53 private enterprises, and 33 foreign-funded enterprises. There are thousands of brands of all kinds of tyres. How do you choose the right brand?

Noahark Tires recommend the tyre brand will be considered in several ways:

1, The comprehensive ability of manufacturers or OEM brands makers. We will focus on the comprehensive ability of the OEM brand makers, which affects the growth ability and long-term cooperation value of the brand.

2, The ability to evaluate the manufacturer and the OEM brand makers according to the four degree measure stanard, respectively:

A.      Capital level. It includes enterprise system, fixed assets, bank lending, working capital and profitability.

B.      Professional level. Including the production capacity, management level, order execution, commercial credit, marketing policy (including advertising support), supply chain management level (including upper raw material cost control ability, warehousing and logistics capabilities), overseas enterprises, innovation ability, price policy, market policy, and others.

C.      Quality control level. - quality control, process specification, certification, reputation of products.

D.      Talent level. - technical talents, management talents, sales talents, international talents.

So if you need any help on choosing a safety, valued and long time operated brands, then fell free to contact us.

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