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Behind The tires.

About Us


If you run an automotive business that routinely stocks or sells tires or individuals in need of quality tyres at a low price, teaming up with a wholesale tire distributor is a smart move that allows you to offer more options to your customers, and also extends your profit margins.

If you are looking for a wholesale tire distributor that carries Chinese major name brands, we are at your service.

At N.T.W, we highly recognized all China Stock Tyres, and focus on the Chinese stock tyres in PCR, TBR, Radial OTR brand tyres and AGR tyres. We are dedicated to supplying you the best brand tyre in best and competitive price with fast delivery.

Our tyres will surely provide you the best quality of services while you are on the roads and highways. Our tyre brand provides fully controlled driving safety during normal roads and on long routes. These tyres are made possible by using special production control services and our highly experience manufacturers producing durable China car tyre. N.T.W aims to provide you great stock tyres in great condition of durability, high efficiency, and a sense of pure driving skills with satisfaction on different highways.




Our company has very good relationship with many Chinese factories. Because most of our colleagues worked there, and we have much top sourcing of Chinese tire business, At N.T.W, we worked with Chinese listed company, and many foreign leading tire company support us in many ways to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.



Noahard Tire Wholesale (N.T.W) holds a prominent name as China Stock Tyre Supplier in the world of tyre industry and is one of the professional international trading businesses in tyre stocks field. We are a traditional company for export premium brand tires and budget tires.

N.T.W has been established to achieve customers’ search for high value-added tyres, at a good price and with reliable service, at the same time striving to create a platform for linking the global tire world. For helping your business grow, N.T.W have two main business, the first is for budget tyres like stock tyres and the second is recommending quality brands from Chinese quality suppliers.

For brand building customers, our recommended brands depend on the factories’ background, capital risk, management level, credit level and products quality level. At N.T.W, our focus is to help you avoid risk in long time cooperation, and supply quality tyres continuously.



N.T.W has a total of 10 years experience in the tyre business. Our team has also initiated projects together with many leading companies abroad and domestics in TBR and PCR.

We have rich resources in China and do well in professional supply chain and consultation, to have a better risk control on our valued customers behave.

Utilizing our experience and success in the industry, N.T.W has created a customized and unique project management team, designed to fulfill our customers' requirements with the highest quality products according to client timelines, specifications, and regulatory requirements.

All of our team shares our vision, as well as the progress and success of our company. The performance acclimatized work culture and accountable working approach of our company attracts top professionals, factories, and partners who strive to strengthen the company image as a global leader in the China Stock Tyre Supplier in the world of the tyre industry.



We are mainly trading Chinese first-class brand China car tyre, truck and bus tyre, OTR tyre and AGR tyre such as

  • Landsail

  • Hifly

  • Ovation

  • Aeolus

  • Windpower

  • Doublecoin

  • Longmarch

  • Durable

  • Sunny

  • Westlake

  • Triangle

  • Linglong

  • Hilo

  • Joyroad

  • Greenlander

  • Kpatos

  • Kapsen and

  • Boto/Winda etc.



Our core values guide us in all that we do at N.T.W. They represent our qualities, our beliefs about how we should conduct our business and our aspiration to do our very best work. And to keep us accountable, these values have been put on display in our day to day business dealings.


Products supplied by N.T.W have been consistent in their results delivered. All stock tyres are made in recently 1-3 years, so all of them are new tyres and not second-hand tyres, with a very good discount price.


Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and for this reason, we provide a great service from the first contact. All our products are in stock, so delivery is very fast and this can help our customers save time to avoid the risk of price increasing situation.


We offer a wide range of quality Chinese products to suit our customers’ needs. Whether you are looking for top Chinese company tire, you will find them all with us so you can save time.


Our competitive prices match the market requirements of our customers. Simply send us your specifications and we’ll be able to offer you the best discount quote.

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