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Stock info 20180625

Hi there,

We specialize in stock tyres, every factory and brand maker have the old stocks difficult to sell for a certain market, but maybe you are in the right market for the sizes, most of the stock tyres came out becuase of three reasons:

1, Regular overflow production plan.

2, Order cancelled.

3, For getting the biggest discount, so need to share the sales.

So all the stock tyres are new made but not the new DOT production date, maybe in the early of 2018, maybe in 2017 or 2016, maybe some are made in 2015 or 2014, but the actually thing is that, price is competitive depend on the production date and tyres in stock for a fast delivery.

But if you have any intersted for any sizes, please directly send us email with;, because pupular sizes will sold out very soon.

Or if you have any stocks for sale, you can also contact us, we will spread it in our stock selling customers. For you and for us, there always an opportunity to solve the problem, right?

If you also have stocks, tell us:
If you have sizes want to buy stocks, tell us:
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